Wild Dinners

Wild Scoundrels Wild Dinners offer the best of local British seasonal produce cooked to the highest standards, delivered to your home so you can enjoy them at your own table.

How does it work?

It’s pretty simple really, this is the Wild Scoundrels take on a home delivery takeaway except that the food is hand cooked by Gamey Jaimie our multi-award winning chef which mean’s it’s a cut above ‘Just Eat’…way above. You can contact us via the contact page and we’ll get back to you asap. Orders need to be at least one week in advance please.

What’s on the Menu?

There are two set menus the standard ‘Wild Dinner’ priced at £75/head and our own special ‘Wild Scoundrels Signature’ at £85/head. Each has been lovingly curated to really showcase the best local seasonal produce we’ve encountered.

The Wild Dinner

Menu £75/Head

Amuse Bouche

This five course menu begins with an amuse bouche to give you a flavour of what the Wild Scoundrels is all about. One of our tag lines is ‘By Land, By Sea via the Veggie Patch’ here you’ve got all three. Locally sourced Lyme Bay Crab, wild mushrooms from the farmers markets in Somerset or better still foraged by ourselves when time and season allow. And finally a pheasant consomme, with the concentrated rich flavours of that noisy but beautiful bird.

To Start

Once again we have all three in play; venison, scallops and prawns and also a vegetarian option which is a four cheese risotto made from local British cheeses.


The venison is one of Gamey Jaimie’s signature dishes, the recipe for which can be found on this site. Beautiful juicy pink venison fillet with sweet and tart jus. The celeriac puree is also adds a real zing to this dish with one of our favourite local veg. Another classic dish from Jaimie is his ‘Partridge in a Pear tree’ which was originally conceived for Christmas but works any time of the year. The pear cuts through the gamey partridge perfectly. Finally a wonderful seafood medley featuring Brill, a much maligned fish that is as good as Bass in our book.


Pears again, this time with Sauternes to make a classic poached pear pudding, sweet and sophisticated. Seasonal fruit sorbets will depend upon the time of year, all deliciously refreshing but also this reflects the movement of the seasons which is at the heart of what Wild Scoundrels is all about. Finally a rich Orange Chocolate pudding that is naughty, delicious, unctuous and just bloody good!


To finish a trio of local west country cheeses each with its own distinct character. The perfect way to round off a very special dinner.


We’ve paired three sensational wines to go with this meal; an Albaraino for the starter and amuse bouche, Pino Noir for the main course and a beautiful Sancerre two wash down your pudding and cheese.

Signature Menu


Now this one really is our baby; fewer choices but really hitting the mark with big flavours and courses that have a story to tell.

Amuse Bouche

This may sound like some sort of clue in a treasure hunt but really it’s just a celebration of two sensational flavours; celeriac and truffle. The wild mushrooms provide a robust and earthy backdrop. It’s like shoving a forest in your mouth. And the fish, well it had to be that romantic old dog the oyster, in a sexy dance with a lyme bay crab all wrapped up in a bloody mary, the one drink that cures all alcohol related headaches!

Main Course

For the main we’ve selected our emblem, the mighty wild boar. These animals are not commercially farmed so you know you’re getting wild meat, untarnished by chemicals and additives. The meat has a rich taste that is far superior to farmed pork. For the sauce Exmoor Brewery’s dark and mysterious ‘Exmoor Beast’ ale is reduced down with venison marrow to produce a thick jus packed with flavour to cut through the boar meat. And finally a pheasant consomme with our old friend celeriac again. This is tour de force of British Game and vegetables. Wild Scoundrels is about local, seasonal produce that is ethically sourced and takes into account animal welfare. Also we love to celebrate the best of British produce and really proud of this main course.


Once again our favourites; blackberries and pears but this time you get to eat both. Blackberries are hard to find all year round but some local producers provide them. Pears are pretty much available all the time too thanks to modern techniques. Both are flavours that send us back to our childhood either picking blackberries with our parents in the countryside or nicking pears from someone’s garden!


The wines for this menu are on request and will vary as we go through year discovering more and more varieties. Where possible we’d like to include as much British wine as we can.