Roast Donation

What is Roastdonation?

It’s a simple idea really. A lot of people like to contribute to charity or to help others, but often it’s easier just to send some money or text a word. Wild Scoundrel’s following is country folk, foodies, some pretty exciting and dynamic people…all sorts really. What we set out to do was to encourage people to roast something be it meat, poultry, fish or even vegetarian or vegan and give it to someone who needs a smile. In the case of @GameyJaimie and @TomRadford72 it meant giving to the homeless.

There were a few challenges with this as some organisations have very strict rules about what they can take, others are just very officious and don’t like to do anything that is outside of their comfort zone. We say that with a heavy heart but it’s true.

So Jaimie managed to find Cannonsgrove Halls of residence in Taunton, a place usually full of students but empty due to covid. They take in homeless and unfortunate people and help them. Jaimie has been down there giving them some chickens and more recently venison stew! The Scoundrels are determined to get more people eating game and what better way than to give it to those who need good nutrition the most?

This is a little thing compared to the heroic efforts of carers, the NHS, Shelter and so many other heroes who have kept the world going in this manic time. Many of us watch from our armchairs in horror but aren’t sure what to do.

Well, cook a roast, it’s one of the easiest things to cook, and the great thing about a roast is that it’s always special. A roast dinner on a Sunday is when the family sits down together. Maybe a distant memory for those who no longer have families, or are unable to see them because of the lockdown.

A roast is always special, it always brings a smile. Be it meat or veggie or fish or whatever, it shows you care, it’s easy to do, and actually it’s very satisfying. So join the gang, get roasting today and make someone smile. Here’s the plan:

Cook a roast and donate
Post your Roast
Tag five other people to do the same asap

And if you’d rather just donate to the cause we’ve setup a JustGiving page so that you can help us pay for the food/petrol etc.

Heres’s the link!


Now get on with it!