Rack of lamb with parsnip, chestnut mushrooms, black pudding, charred sweetcorn with a Marsala jus

Now this dish arose out of boredom in the second half of the second lockdown. I did the stupid thing of giving up my favorite Achilles heel in the world, booze and red meat. As I’m writing this recipe its 5am and I’m day 46 no booze!! Not very Scoundrel of me I know!! But l’m feeling great and can get all these recipes written up without a hang over or the effects of Beer Fear! Now back to the NO red meat thing, I had given that up until I came up with this dish, I was desperate for an iron fix and lamb cutlets are like little sweaty meaty lollipops of joy. To get that double shot of iron, add black pudding, also known as a super food. All of the ingredients above work together like a Botticelli painting, pure bliss and explosions of colour and flavor.


  1. Rack of Lamb
  2. Black Pudding
  3. Parsnips
  4. Butter
  5. Olive oil
  6. Salt pepper
  7. Btl Marsala
  8. Sweetcorn
  9. 2 tsp double cream / knobs of butter
  10. Chestnut mushrooms


  • Bring the veg to the boil and then simmer the sweetcorn and parsnips for 17 mins
  • When the veg is ready, put the parnips into a blender with a knob of butter and 2 tsps of double cream and season well.
  • Char the sweetcorn with a blowtorch or the gas hob giving a great cheffy effect as well as that smoked chargrilled taste.
  • Pan fry the whole rack of lamb to seal and brown off, add the Marsala ( a good splash) then the black pudding. Put into the oven at 180 for 11 mins
  • When the lamb is ready, leave to rest for 10 mins and start on the mushrooms
  • Add a knob of butter, glug of olive oil, freshly chopped garlic, mushrooms to a pan and cook until golden and lush.

Plate up the sweetcorn followed by the crumbled BP on top, then the cutlets. Spoon the parsnip puree on the side, then scatter the mushrooms wherever you like. With the mushroom pan, deglaze it with some more Marsala and drizzle it over your work of art.

Rack of lamb with parsnip, chestnut mushrooms, black pudding, charred sweetcorn with a Marsala jus

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