Mark Hix fish truck hooked glory and the cockle shell heroes!

Monk, scallops, fresh Lyme bay prawns and cockles  

I couldn’t have met a nicer and cooler man, Mr Hix one of the few last standing heroes’ of the rock star chef generation, in my mind he is defiantly part of the rat pack, Keith F, Marco, Bourdain, young Ramsey and even Gary Rhodes. I’ve always been a fan, just like I’m a huge fan of art, Mark would have the most amazing pieces of art on display in his London restaurants, helps being friends with Damien Hurst.  

To me my recipes and food is my artwork and personality on a plate depending what mood I’m in.  

This recipe represents a happy place during a shit time, fish always puts a smile on my face, best fishes and enjoy!  

Ingredients GO TO MARKES FISH TRUCK! (monk, prawns, scallops, cockles) 

2 shallots  

1 leek  

2 garlic bulbs  

Few knobs of butter  

2 x 187ml of white wine (mini airplane bottles)  


For the Monk and scallops; get your oven to 200, fillet and debone the monk so you have 2 beautiful fillets, season well and drizzle olive oil, place on a roasting tray and put into the hot oven and turn down to 170, cook fish for 8mins. After 4 mins do the same with the scallops (cooking time 4 mins for scallops). After 8mins the Monk and Mr scallop rest in tin foil for 3.5 min this will allow time to cook the prawns and cockles, with that delicate leek, shallot, garlic, buttery wine sauce.  

Get a large pan and melt 1 of your good size knobs of butter, and gently sweat down you shallots, garlic and leek. Important they’re finely chopped. When all softened, add your first 187ml of wine and reduce right down until it all sticks to the back of your spoon. (Do with while the monk and scallops are in the oven)  

When your resting the fish in tin foil, add you prawns and cockles to the pan and your 2nd bottle of mini wine, put the lid on, turn the heat up and steam/simmer until the cockles open, then reduce wine until half and add a little more butter to thicken and make really silky.  

I like to serve this dish with, spiced carrot puree in one of the scallop’s shells for that cheffy effect.    

(You can always torch the fish with a gas gun for effect to get that charred look)  

Serve with a bottle of Benjamin-Louis – Didier Dagueneau Pouilly-Fume Buisson-Renard, because fish this good deserves a great wine!

Mark Hix fish truck hooked glory and the cockle shell heroes!

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